Saturday, 3 December 2011


Had a productive week. About freaking time!!! Deadline coming up soon, and thought id share some images.
Here is a picture of my very very messy desk... proof that I have actually been working lately.

Im a little bit sick of painting foxes now. There must be 5 or so just around my university desk. The one with the bluey background is one of the first ones I did, thought it was a final but then didn't like the background too much so started the more orange one still taped to the board.

And then my first ever Cheetah!! That no longer looks like a Giraffe. Spots are more difficult than I first anticipated, and it took about a day just to make it look right. Stressful times. Also, a rather cute purpley otter that is not finished. Though in the photo, its body is actually like this and its front leg tucked between its legs, it looks like its about to fall over here. Its not quite finished... but i like the colours so far.

Background to be added to all three, then letterpressed slogans dropped in on photoshop.
Then a Visual research journal. (GUUUUUURGH) a report and all the back-up development work to be documented. Not just sprawled across my desk. So much work to do. Deadline on the 13th. Everything will be alright. Hopefully. :)

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  1. These are looking schweet! My favourite fox is the one with the full background. Wicked brush marks! My only crit would be that the cheetah's neck/shoulder bit looks a little awkward. Keep up the painterly goodness :)