Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Oh my days... I feel burnt.

Self portrait.
Im in my spotty pajamas, and have just noticed todays tan from sitting on the Hoe with my friend Louise for too long.
so now.. to moisturise, and try to get to sleep when the back of my neck is burning like a thousand suns.

Wish me luck.
Pencil and watercolour. (an excuse for drawing people. done from mirror reference. no online material thankyou very much :)

Monday, 28 June 2010

Nathaniel's Ship.

First Draft. The banner will read 'Loose lips sink ships.'
Rope round the edge.
hopefully a forearm tattoo :)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Making the most of the sunny weather.

Between tidying my room and watching glasto on bbc iplayer... i have been out and about enjoying the weather :)

The squirrel is from life, Tiim took me to a lovely park the other day and there were loads of them running around!
I tried to get the fur using watercolours...

The carousel is from the Hoe today. I went with Louise, and it was lovely and colourful. The noise got kinda annoying after a while, but Florence and the Machine on Louises Blackberry really saved the day.
I used coloured pencils for this one... dont usually use them, but it was convenient to carry them around.

Hope you like them...

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Im on a roooole.

And another animal illustration. This one was for a goodbye card for my very cool flatmate Frankey.

The background was originally a bright orange, but has since been edited on photoshop.

hedgehog :)

Drawn for birthday thankyou notes. Thought he was cute.

He is called Milo :) and might feature in a Kids book.
Next project? possibleee....

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Beach Day

Just a quick line drawing from when me and the boyf went to Looe the other day.
I really do love the place, will definitely revisit and do some proper watercolours over the summer.
This blog is turning into something of a to do list :)

Oh and a few faces I drew on the train back.
One of Tim... and one random.

Peace out

Saturday, 19 June 2010


I want a tattoo. I have been saying this for yeaaars, that I really really want a dragonfly on my hip. Ive been thinking about it a lot today, and have done some quick watercolours :)

I think, a similar shape to the top-most dragonfly with similar colours to the middle, and surrounded by delicate jasmine.

More drawings of dragonflies soon, I am sure of that. They have always fascinated me.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

To the Barbican!!!

So I had a day to myself and decided to take a trip down the hoe. I bought some proper fudge, browsed the antique shops and bookstores, and drew this delightful seagull :)
coloured on Photoshop.

Hope you like it

Thursday, 10 June 2010

AND mucked about on Photoshop.

Sleep or photoshop?
I think i'll photoshop :)

A blog of firsts.

So character design in any shape or form is not my thing. Landscapes, sure, i will paint them anyday, but people? Your having a LAF.
I decided that this summer I would overcome my fear and practice drawing random characters.
Since this is a blog of firsts and all... first airplane, first animation, now first actual person voluntarily!
Whatever next...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Paper Planes

Airplanes are cool. I love flying, and I love watching them soar through the sky weightlessly, (not in a weird train spotting kinda way though).
So, I thought 'Why dont I do a random painting/drawing/thing after work, since im feeling creative'.
And this airplane is what came out of it :)
I started doing a pencil drawing but found it hard to see on my paper background, so used inks with a mediumish paintbrush and then white acrylic to create a smooth gradient. Then, the red was a few layers of acrylic also, and ta da!

Planes are very difficult to draw freehand. This plane took me over an hour just because the shape of it is so awkward!
It was a challenge, but I liked it. And other random objects I could draw/paint?

Suggestions definitely appreciated.

Over and out..

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Busy Bee...

Well today I have been up to a lot, two posts! Check me out!
I have been abusing my scanner, and doing close to 100 scans of the same sheet of paper slightly changed, and then assembling it on Windows Movie Maker :)

Have a cheeky peek...
Its only taken me most of the day.

Hi, I'm Hayley and I'm a Blogger :)

Blogging is something I have seen myself doing for ages. I spend an unholy amount of time on facebook, and it only makes sense to do something constructive with my internet addiction. Therefore, I shall document interesting things and some of my Illustration work as something to do over these summer months. After all, what else am I going to do for 4 months while everyone else has gone home and i'm left in Plymouth...

On one of the rare sunny days, me and the boyf went down to the local park. I have been experimenting with watercolour a lot lately and thought this particular one came out pretty well :)

More work up soon, perhaps some stuff from uni this year, and more random summer sketching.