Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Paper Planes

Airplanes are cool. I love flying, and I love watching them soar through the sky weightlessly, (not in a weird train spotting kinda way though).
So, I thought 'Why dont I do a random painting/drawing/thing after work, since im feeling creative'.
And this airplane is what came out of it :)
I started doing a pencil drawing but found it hard to see on my paper background, so used inks with a mediumish paintbrush and then white acrylic to create a smooth gradient. Then, the red was a few layers of acrylic also, and ta da!

Planes are very difficult to draw freehand. This plane took me over an hour just because the shape of it is so awkward!
It was a challenge, but I liked it. And other random objects I could draw/paint?

Suggestions definitely appreciated.

Over and out..


  1. The 1960's batmobile! Draw it!

  2. what!
    Just googled it... that looks ridiculous to draw.
    Will try, but it may take me a while.