Saturday, 26 June 2010

Making the most of the sunny weather.

Between tidying my room and watching glasto on bbc iplayer... i have been out and about enjoying the weather :)

The squirrel is from life, Tiim took me to a lovely park the other day and there were loads of them running around!
I tried to get the fur using watercolours...

The carousel is from the Hoe today. I went with Louise, and it was lovely and colourful. The noise got kinda annoying after a while, but Florence and the Machine on Louises Blackberry really saved the day.
I used coloured pencils for this one... dont usually use them, but it was convenient to carry them around.

Hope you like them...


  1. These are amazing Hayley keep going!

  2. thanks dave :)
    i think im getting into the swing of things...