Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I have gone completely batty.

These are my three finals for re-illustrating 'Bat Loves the Night', a children's book by Nicola Davies.

Acrylics on stretched wilkos lining wallpaper :) cause its cheap!

Life drawing final.

Acrylic on canvas.
Influences by Lucian Freud.
Portrait of my mum :)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Because painting is cool.

This is the legend that started it off.
Well not really a legend... but something which i got a lot of positive feedback for at the end of last year. We were meant to do a wash over a page, then work on top. However, due to the black poster paint crusted to the bottom of my palette, what was meant to be a light green turned to a really dark emerald. It was hardwork to bring the light back into the page, but when it finally worked I decided to dedicate my latest project to painting more naked people :)

Dont like quite as much. A little rushed. experimented with layering washes and background.

What I did today :) Im really liking how my painting is coming along. Dean (the kick ass tutor) told me to concentrate on using blocks of colour and directional brushstrokes to create a form, and its really starting to pull together.

Lucian Freud oils coming up soon...

Monday, 7 March 2011

Life painting

I like painting. It makes me feel calm :) I used to paint alllll the time, and im recently getting back into it. The colours I use are completely autonomous, I don't think about it just layer and layer and layer until it looks mildly recognisable. Something that will deffinately be pursued, even more so than the crap pen and ink stuff before this post. This is REAL work. I feel like im finally finding my style :D